Tracking of candidates with defined selection criteria and monitoring of candidates’ status.


Vacancy publishing and postings of assignments on the client’s website, screening and filtering of candidates.


Generating of specific candidate lists according to client desire by locations or job functions.


Formatting of candidate CV’s in specific client’s desired formats and all other documents designing related to Job Descriptions, assignments or reports.

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We have highly trained teams who specialize in providing recruitment consultants and the recruitment agencies of large corporations with transaction processing and administrative management functions.

We are Recruitment Support Specialists

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Our clients have achieved tangible benefits by using our recruitment support services

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Expert Team in using of Invenias by Bullhorn.


Expert Team in research using professional platforms and search engines.


Accuracy is our first priority to provide best output for your service.

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We put our best team members to do our clients urgent requests.

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Genashtim are a passionate, hard working team who have provided valuable, long-term support to the global operations structure of ChapmanCG, the world's leading retained HR search firm.

Matthew Chapman, Non- Executive Chairman.

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1 Coleman Street #10-10 The Adelphi Singapore 179803

+65 94824063 ceo@genashtim.com


Keep Updated

  • Angel Gonzales
    Team Lead


    Joined Genashtim in 2015 and have been doing Recruitment Support for about 4 years now. Has 8 solid years of recruitment experience gained from a few Executive Search companies. Had placed positions for Finance, HR and Manufacturing in Financial, Semiconductors and FMCG industries.

    Graduated with a degree in Psychology from Far Eastern University.

  • Aditya Pamungkas
    Recruitment Support Specialist


    Prior to joining Genashtim, Aditya worked in Technical Support as IT Engineer for more than 8 years handling several companies including Polydaya Computama, the main distributor of Acer in Indonesia.

    Aditya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Management

  • Jeanette Teovisio
    Recruitment Support Manager


    With more than 10 years in recruitment, Jeanette has been with Genashtim since July 2016 as Recruitment Support Manager. Prior to joining Genashtim, Jeanette was a Recruitment Manager in a Manufacturing Company, and an Executive Search Consultant in a Head-Hunting Company based in the Philippines.

    During her stint as Executive Search Consultant, she had extensive experience in end to end recruitment and had successfully placed key people in companies such as Apple Inc, Deutsche Knowledge Services, Estee Lauder, etc.

    Jeanette has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

  • Sasho Boshevski
    Recruitment Support Specialist


    Sasho joined Genashtim in 2016. Prior to that, he had been an HR Manager for an Import-Export company in Macedonia and had been in logistics support for government institutions and companies such as DB Schenker and the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia.

    He as a Bachelor’s Degree in Customs and Freight Forwarding and a Master’s Degree in Security.

  • Simona Georgieva
    Recruitment Support Specialist


    Simona started working for Genashtim in 2016. Previously, she had been an HR Manager and an HR Consultant for a few companies. She also has experience doing Executive Search.

    Simona has a Bachelor’s Degree in Customs and Freight Forwarding and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources.

  • Yube

    Yube Willanda
    Recruitment Support Specialist


    Before joining Genashtim, Yube worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 9 years and held the title of Operations Manager, and has handled several branches across Indonesia and India.

    He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration at STP Bandung (NHI) on 2006.