Database Management

We manage the database, updating it to keep track of candidate’s information through a well-established ATS. We suggest to clients to open certain assignments and manage it based on their requests. Along with this, we identify if an applicant is fit for an assignment and analyse if they are well-suited for the position, advising clients regarding that information.

Our database management services are used for keeping track of the candidate’s information through a well-established ATS which includes adding, updating and parsing candidates’ profiles based on their recently updated CV or LinkedIn profile. We can also add new companies and update the existing ones in the system.

Another task performed by the recruitment support team is to open new assignments and maintain the old ones based on the client’s requests. In addition, we update the candidate’s progress status in assignments when needed.

The database services include making and sending generation lists to the client and generating reports in the ATS. Keeping the database tidy and up to date is one of our main priorities.

CV Parsing & Formatting

A well-constructed CV is one thing but to format CVs based on a client’s preference is more feasible to make it presentable when being submitted to the client. Interview notes may or may not be added depending on what the client needs.

We format CVs to make screening processes for clients easier and also to make the search for possible candidates more convenient. CV formatting and parsing is a way of making the employment history of the candidate look more presentable when being submitted to the client. We format CVs according to a specific format provided by the client. Besides this, we prepare JDs or job descriptions when requested and, we use different formats of presentations.


Before we suggest a candidate for an assignment, we do a thorough research on that assignment to understand what is required to fully conceptualise the suitable candidate for it. Clients provide certain parameters to the recruitment support team which helps to identify whether the candidates is suitable for adding in the system.

Besides this, we also process requests for candidate and company research. The candidate research encompasses identifying candidates on LinkedIn based on the client’s request and the specific criteria provided. The company research includes Internet research for some companies, also based on specific criteria.

Database Cleanup

Another tedious work that takes a lot of time and effort is database clean up where we merge and/or remove duplicate records from the client’s database, creating a well-structured system. We also archive old records to keep our database updated.

Another part of our services is database clean up. The process consists of merging duplicate companies and duplicate candidate records and filling in the records with the necessary information. The aim is to create a well-structured and neatly arranged system. We also archive old records to maintain an updated database.

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